According to The Charlotte Observer, as of September of 2017, the Carolina Panthers organization was worth an estimated $2.3 billion. So I fully expect team owner, Jerry Richardson to ask for at least that amount when he sells the team after this season.




A few short days ago, a story broke that Richardson, the only owner the Carolina panthers have ever had, was under investigation by the team for alleged workplace misconduct claims. At the time, the nature of those claims remained unknown. A day or two later, a few of the unknowns, became known. The claims against the 81-year old Richardson included multiple confidential payoffs for workplace misconduct. Some of those payments for misconduct included sexual harassment and using racial slurs. This was very likely just the tip of the iceberg. Those claims being made public, was enough for the NFL to want to take action. The NFL were to run a separate investigation from the one the Panthers organization was running into the team owners’ alleged misdeeds. Yesterday, Richardson made a surprise announcement. He’s stepping down as owner of the team, and selling the squad after this season is over. Most people who own an NFL team try to hold onto their squad with the last breath in their bodies. Talking this into consideration, one can only assume that the few allegations that were made public, are not the worse allegations against Richardson. As an NFL investigation dived deeper into the allegations, they were sure to uncover claims that are worse than those that have been publicly released thus far. Instead of going through the embarrassment of having his dirty laundry publicly aired, Richardson decided that selling the squad would take him out of the equation, and save himself and his family the public embarrassment. I don’t know if this is how things will work themselves out, but clearly this is what Richardson is hoping for.




As news of Richardson selling the Carolina Panthers franchise made it’s way around the internet, people took to social media to express their opinions. Some people also took to Twitter to make a claim to buy the squad. Including Sean “P. Diddy” Combs.


Yup, P. Diddy (or whatever name he’s going by these days) wants to buy the Panthers. Diddy also said that he would immediately make Colin Kaepernick a competitor for the starting Quarterback position. Diddy also said that he would have the best halftime shows in the league (which I do not doubt at all). What do you think? Based on some of the things he said, do you think Puffy would make a good NFL team owner? Is this something you want to see happen?

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