UFC golden boy Connor Mcgregor has been arrested after his rampage at a UFC press event at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn on Thursday. Mcgregor threw a metal dolly through the window of a bus containing UFC fighters. The fighters were being taken back to their hotels after the media day appearance. Reports surfaced that at least two fighters on the the bus were injured severely enough after the incident that they had to cancel their next fights.




Mcgregor, 29, was charged in the incident today and is currently awaiting a court appearance, where he will likely be granted bail. Mcgregor was charged with three (3) counts of assault and one count of criminal mischief. Video surfaced of Mcgregor being escorted from a New York Police station in handcuffs as he was being taken to Central Booking where he will be arraigned and await a bail hearing.




Video courtesy: Hollywood Pipeline


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