Former “That’s So Raven” actor, Orlando Brown’s public fall from grace continues. In the latest episode of “watching my life go down”, Bloom was arrested by Bounty Hunters in Las Vegas after a “failure to appear warrant” had been dished out by a  judge in Torrance, CA. The original case stems from allegations that Bloom hit his girlfriend last year.




TMZ (@tmz) reports, Bloom was taken out of a friends’ house by Bounty Hunters in his underwear in handcuffs. The footage comes from a Las Vegas Bounty Hunter named “Lucky.” The video starts with the bounty hunters attempting to gain entry into the house. The homeowner pushes back, claiming the bounty hunters have no legal right to enter the home.




“Lucky” the bounty hunter told TMZ that he had legal paperwork and warrants, so they were allowed to enter the home and look for Brown. The bounty hunters decided to enter the residence by force. They found Brown hiding in a bedroom closet wearing a t-shirt and boxer shorts. Instead of allowing Brown to put on some clothes, Lucky and his team decided that it would be best (or would make for better ratings) if they dragged Brown out in his drawls or draws….however you want to pronounce it. Anyway, here’s the video:



Video Courtesy: TMZ



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