At some point it starts to go beyond having a team’s number. I think we’ve arrived at that point. The Cleveland Cavs are in the Raptors head. Lebron James and crew are taking up residence in the heads of every Raptors player and are not even paying them rent.




In a game that Toronto lead all the way through until overtime arrived, LBJ and crew found a way to pull out a victory on the Raptors home court. It would be hard for me to say that the Raptors choked, or that the team didn’t play well. They got a solid 22 points out of Demar Derozan, 18 and 10 assist from Kyle Lowry, and 21 points to go along with 21 boards from big man, Jonas Valanciunas. On paper, this seems like a game that the Raptors should have won. They had solid games from their two stars, led the ball game most of the way through, and had a rocking hometown crowd behind their backs. All of that still wasn’t enough to help the Raptors defeat Cleveland last night. Too much “Playoff Bron.” Lebron James was a shining star once again last night as he dropped a triple double (26pts. 13 ast. 11reb). This time he got some help from the rest of the squad. 20 points from J.R. Smith, 19 from Kyle Korver, and 14 points and 12 boards from Tristan Thompson. TRISTAN THOMPSON? Where the f*ck did he come from?? Getting caught cheating on his baby momma Khloe may have been the best thing to ever happen to him! I know we’re only 1 game in, but Toronto is in trouble already. Losing that game on their home-court was big. Especially since that was a game that they were looking like they were going to win. The Raptors just can’t shake that fear….or dread of facing Lebron James and Cleveland. At times that uncertainty showed last night. Unless the Raptors find a way to get rid of the thought that “we just can’t beat the Cavs” out of their heads, Toronto doesn’t stand a chance in this series. Check out some of the highlights from last night’s game below:



Video courtesy: NBA



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