NAYZE MEDIA 4/10/2021 12:46pm(est)

When you saw the headline “Florida man”, you were expecting the absolute most ridiculous situation you can possibly imagine being the next words written, weren’t you? If you said yes, you were absolutely right.

35-year old Dontrell Stanley, from Florida, reportedly ran a stop sigh while driving his motorcycle. When it looked like he was about to crash, he dropped the bike to avoid hitting an oncoming vehicle. The only problem was that, according to a Twitter post from the Clearwater Police Department (@myclearwaterPD) (who made the arrest), Stanley had a 17-month old baby riding on his lap when the accident happened.

Police say the baby was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. Stanley, the child’s stepfather was also taken to the hospital for minor injuries. He was then arrested and charged with child neglect with great bodily harm and operating a motorcycle without a license. Jail records show that Stanley posted a $10,250 bond and was released. No word yet on Stanley’s next court date.

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