Chicago based rapper, KTS Dre was shot and killed on Saturday night. KTS Dree was shot right across the street from the jail he had just been released from moments prior to his death.

A report from The Chicago Tribune said, KTS was ambushed by more than one assailant in the Little Village Neighborhood of Chicago, where the jail is located. An unidentified 60-year old woman who was with Dre was struck once in the knee. Initial reports said she is expected to survive her injuries. A female bystander was grazed in the mouth by one of the many bullets fired that night. The official report states that KTS Dre was the attended target, and the women were “inadvertently” struck by the hail of gunfire.

KTS Dre was rushed to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead at 9:25 pm on Saturday. The rapper had just been outfitted with an electric monitoring device, as he was being released on house arrest. “He was walking with the older woman to an awaiting vehicle, when several unknown suspects exited two separate vehicles and all began to shoot in Sylvester’s direction, striking him numerous times, ” according to a police report obtained by The Tribune.

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