34-year old, Thessalonica Allen, from Laporte, is accused of fatally shooting her husband, partially dismembering his body, and then asking her two teenage children to help her get rid of the body, local authorities said.

KIRO 7 Seattle reported that the incident in which Allen’s husband, Randy Allen, was shot and killed, took place on the night of July 27th. The ages of Allen’s children was not disclosed, but was confirmed that both were under the age of 16.

Police say Allen contacted one of her children’s fathers and told him her husband was beating the child they shared. The child’s father told police Allen showed him her husband’s body in a closet. Allen asked him to help her move the body. He told police he refused.

Allen’s children told police that their mom came home on Friday with cleaning supplies and an ax. She later asked them to help place the body in a tote bag, according to court documents. The children told police, the body was too heavy for the three of them to move it. According to WBN News & Talk Radio, The kids told police that their mother planned to drive the body to South Bend, and then set it on fire.

When police tracked Allen down in the parking lot of an Ace Hardware Store, she began to cry and said “You guys don’t understand. He beats me.” Thessalonica Allen later admitted that she shot her husband after an altercation, when interviewed by detectives. She also told police she hid her husband’s body in her daughter’s bedroom closet. The body of Randy Allen was later recovered by authorities.

The autopsy showed that Randy Allen sustained a gunshot wound to the right arm. The bullet entered his chest and abdomen, before finding his spinal cord area. Doctors said that left Randy Allen unable to move as he bled to death. Thessalonica Allen is being held at the Laporte County Jail. Allen is being held without bail.

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