Two women were killed by gunfire inside of a building police labeled as a “speakeasy.” A report from 6 ABC ACTION NEWS, said the incident happened Thursday evening at around 7:44 pm, inside of a property on the 1900 block of Ridge Street, in North Philadelphia.

Police officers say they arrived on the scene, on the first floor of the property, to find a 56-year old woman who had been shot in the head, and a 31-year old woman who’d been shot in the torso. Both women were pronounced dead at the scene.

Philadelphia Police stand outside an empty building, where two women were shot to death along the 1900 block of Ridge Avenue on Thursday, November 4, 2021.

Police say they believe the shooter stood outside and fired shots through a partially opened door on the first floor, when two bullets hit the victims. The suspect fled the scene after the shooting. No one else inside of the “speakeasy” was injured. The vacant, generator powered, building was once a church before it was left abandoned years ago.

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