A 13-year old boy from Georgia, accidentally shot and killed his 14-year old sister with a gun he allegedly made. According to a report from FOX-5 ATLANTA, the boy shot his sister during a botched gun sale at their home on Saturday.


Police say the 13-year old was attempting to sell the firearm to 19-year old, Yusuf McArthur El. At some point during the sale, an altercation broke out between the 13-year old and the 19-year old. Police say El attempted to steal the gun from the 13-year old. During the altercation and struggle for the gun, the 14-year old was struck and killed.

Police were called. They found the 14-year old girl at a gas station nearby. An unidentified eyewitness described what they saw at the scene:

“They pulled her out (of the car) and she was lifeless. You could tell that she wasn’t breathing. There was an officer nearby who helped with taking her out of the car and they were holding her up on the ground. She had a little brother who was going irate. He was going crazy seeing his sister not breathing. He was saying ‘Don’t die, Don’t die’ repeatedly”

Police say the 13-year old had been making semi-machine guns and selling them in Metro Atlanta. The 13-year old has been charged with felony murder. McArthur El has been charged with felony murder and robbery. A third person is reportedly being sought by police.

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