Montgomery County Police say 24-year old, Samiyah Williams is wanted for murdering her mother’s 49-year old fiance, Adronne Reaves, following a fight between the two on New Year’s Eve. A report from THE DAILY VOICE said, the shooting happened at around 10 p.m., at the Delwyn Apartments in Bala Cynwyd section of Lower Merion.


Samiyah Williams’ mother, who is engaged to Adronne Reaves, called Samiyah and her mother, and told them Reaves had ‘laid hands on her.’ She called police at that time, according to the police report. When police arrived at around 8:30 p.m. to respond to the domestic violence call between Reaves and Williams’ mother, Joi Furman, they both told responding officers that the fight was only verbal. According to the police report, the two agreed to stay at separate places for the night.

Reaves allegedly called his daughter to come pick him up from the house after the fight. Reaves and his daughter returned to Furman’s apartment, because Reaves had allegedly left his keys. As soon as Reaves arrived at the apartment he was confronted by Joi Furman and her mother Florence Furman, who had just arrived after the fight between Furman and Reaves.

Police say lobby surveillance video shows the women and Reaves walking through the lobby of the apartment building. Reaves suddenly collapses and falls to the floor. Seconds later, a thin person dressed in all black, wearing a dark hoodie over their head, appeared and can be seen leaving the lobby. Police identified that person as Samiyah Williams….Joi Furman’s daughter.

Williams reportedly lives with her grandmother, and had arrived at the scene with Florence Furman, after getting the call from Joi about Reaves “laying hands” on her. Detectives discovered that Williams owned a 9mm semi-automatic Walther handgun. She also has a valid permit to carry a concealed weapon in Philadelphia.

Reaves died from a single gunshot wound to the head. Williams is currently on the run, and facing first & third-degree murder charges. No one else has been charged thus far.

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