Cover Photo Courtesy: Miami New Times


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Three men were found guilty of murder for the 2018 killing of rapper XXXtentacion in a Florida courtroom this afternoon.








A Fox-29 Philly report said 28-year old, Michael Boatwright, 26-year old Dedrick Williams, and 24-year old Trayvon Newsome were all found guilty of first degree murder and armed robbery on Monday afternoon. The jury deliberated for three days before reaching a unanimous guilty verdict.




The rapper was shot after he had just left Riva Motorsports with a friend. That’s when his BMW was blocked by an SUV that swerved in front of him. Two masked gunmen exited the SUV and made their way to the driver’s side window of the BMW with guns drawn. After a short confrontation, one of the armed men began shooting XXXtentacion repeatedly. The gunmen then grabbed a Louis Vuitton bag from the car before running back to the SUV and fleeing the scene. The friend in the passenger’s seat of the BMW was not harmed.



The Louie bag the gunmen took from XXX after shooting him contained around $50,000 in cash that the rapper had withdrew from the bank right before going to the motorcycle shop. A fourth co-defendant, Robert Allen, pleaded guilty last year and agreed to testify against his co-defendants at trial. While on the stand, Allen said that the group were looking to commit a robbery on that day and went to the motorcycle shop to buy a mask for co-defendant Williams. The four spotted the rapper inside of the motorcycle shop carrying the Louis Vuitton bag full of cash, and immediately decided that they had found their victim. The four went back to the SUV and waited for XXX to leave the shop, according to Allen.


The three are expected to receive terms of life in prison when they go back for sentencing. Allen won’t be sentenced until after his three co-defendants receive their prison sentences. For his cooperation, Allen is looking at anywhere between time served to life in prison when he is sentenced.

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